Why use Self Priming Pumps?

The main reason to use self priming pumps is they are able to operate without needing an outside priming system. A centrifugal pump is incapable of pumping air and since it needs to impart velocity to water or liquid, it has to be filled before it is able to perform its functions. Self priming pumps […]

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What Makes Alternative Music so Attractive?

Read on if you are not sure about what alternative music is. Understanding the concept of alternative music requires a certain amount of information. The fact is some music is different to mainstream music. Keep in mind that music has for many centuries been attracting all sorts of people including those who are radicals as […]

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Agricultural Transport

Agricon Cableway Systems play a vital role in agricultural transport. In fact, Agricon Cableway Systems are designed to improve productivity by improving the way that hand-harvested crops are handled and moved from the farm to the packing area. The nice thing about Agricon Cableway Systems is the ease with which these systems can be installed. […]

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WordPress Category Tutorial

TUTORIALS I have some clients that are new to wordpress and have asked for tutorials on some things so in the ‘Tutorial’ section you can find tutorials on things to help get you started on your way to learning, understanding and being able to edit your own wordpress site/blog! In this tutorial you will learn […]

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Adding Posts and Images To your WordPress Site

A lot of my newer clients are new to wordpress. I know WordPress is very different from Blogger but I promise you that you won’t regret the switch! WordPress rules and Blogger drools!

Here is a detailed image tutorial on how to add posts and images to your wordpress blog.

First you need to open your dash and click on ‘Add New’ under the ‘Posts’ options on the left hand side.

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