Adding Posts and Images To your WordPress Site

A lot of my newer clients are new to wordpress. I know WordPress is very different from Blogger but I promise you that you won’t regret the switch! WordPress rules and Blogger drools!

Here is a detailed image tutorial on how to add posts and images to your wordpress blog.

First you need to open your dash and click on ‘Add New’ under the ‘Posts’ options on the left hand side.

This screen will appear and then  you need to insert your desired Title and Content.

Don’t forget to choose a category that your post will be filed under. And lastly click ‘Publish’.

Easy peasy! 😉


Now you might want to add some images to your blog post because, let’s face it, a post without images is boring! Remember reading those fun kid books when you were little? If you were anything like me you chose the books that had lots of fun images in them to further your imagination! Remember people do like to see what you are talking about when  they are reading your post. Visuals and graphics are your friend…at least they’re mine. Hello! Graphic Designer here!

So click on the little gray outlined box next to where it says ‘Upload/Insert‘ .

Click on ‘Select File’….

….and go through and find the image(s) you want to upload.

Now you will notice that with each image comes a lot of info and options. Don’t get overwhelmed! First you need to decide if you want your image linked to somewhere…if so get the link and paste it into the box that has your ‘File URL’.

  1. Next choose if you want your image ‘Centered’ or ‘Aligned Left or Right’.
  2. Choose the size you want the image to show in.
  3. Click ‘Insert into Post’ .

Obviously you cannot center an image in the middle of a paragraph. To get an image to align left (or right) and not disturb your text find the place you want the image to go and click your cursor there to keep it’s place. Then just go through the ‘Adding an Image’ steps again.

(Above: Place your cursor before the first word of your paragraph (or wherever) you want to add your image.)

Find the image, go through previous image steps and click ‘Insert into Post’ .


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